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Hardcover books

Contrary to widespread opinion, books are still an important part of our lives even with the wide range of possibilities that the internet provides. Today printing and publishing books is just as popular as it was a few decades ago.

Although virtual communication has moved real life communication more to the side and we read books mostly from the screens of digital devices, books are just as popular as they were before. This makes them irreplaceable.

That is why it is important to fully understand the printing process of hardcover books and commit fully to the creation of the future product.

Printing books in hardcover is an indicator of elegance.

One of the most important elements of a book is its binding. It is usually recommended that books are made in hardcover, not paperback.  Printing books in hardcover will ensure a safe future for your book. You can be sure that printing hardcover will keep the publication intact and neat for many years to come.

Hardcover advantages

One of the most evident advantages is the fact that it will considerably prolong the longevity of your book. Of course, the inner contents of the book are quite important. Although you have to agree that passing down your own books from generation to generation in perfect condition is also an important factor! By the way, our printing house offers printing hardcover and softcover books in small and large volumes of printing runs. This will allow you to understand exactly how many books you would like to order.


We have two options of printing hardcover books:

  • Standard format
  • Non-standard format

When buying a book, the reader focuses on one more important factor – its format. Our team can offer a variety of formats for printing books. For example: a square format of a limited edition will make your book look unique and creative, which will allow it to stand out from other books. This will definitely interest the readers.

If you see your future book in conservative formats, making it look more standard, it will leave your product unnoticed. Thankfully, our specialists approach your order with maximum responsibility and true expertise. With their help format attention will be drawn to your book, even with a standard format! Once they get to feel the grandeur and quality of the book in the hands, no reader will want to part with it!


Printing with Fastbooks

  • Possibility to print books from 1+1 to 4+4 plus pantone.
  • Offset coated paper, oracle, raflatac up to 450 grams
  • Thermal binding with a possible sewing of book on sewing machine. Hardcover with a glossy or matt lamination, UV-glue, foil or blind embossing.
  • Hardcover books are made from cardboard with foam or from binder board, the width of which is 2-3 millimeters.

Depending on the volume of circulation and the timeframes of making the book, the block may be printed on offset or digital equipment. The binding of the block is done with the help of a sewing unit and a thermal binder.