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In the modern world, each person is surrounded by new information. A magazine, which contains the most relevant news and facts from around the world, cannot be unnoticed. The production of magazine has been progressing just as fast as the spread of internet media. After all, even the most thought out and modern electronic sources cannot replace a glossy magazine. Printing of magazines around the world is gaining momentum, which means expanding possibilities of page makeup.

Each regular reader, more often than not, chooses to buy a magazine rather than to read it online. Also, there are certain types of people who cannot perceive large amounts of information from electronic devices. For some people, especially kids, it is important to feel the material in their hands. That is why printing beautiful and colorful magazines has not gone out of style. A diverse range of paper, quality printed illustrations and original post printing work still remains and is always a priority on the book market. The question is where to get a quality printing? Of course, with FastBooks!


Printing magazines with FastBooks:

  • Staple binding
  • Softcover
  • Labels, packaging
  • New possibilities of digital technologies with help of our digital roll machine HP Indigo
  • Display of pantones, fast printing, printing without making printing forms and die-cutting forms. Laser die-cutting on different types of paper, cardboard, PP, PE, raflatac, oracle

Additional option of protection from forgery, personalization.